Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Healthy Lifestyle Most Embarrassing Moments. . .

My awesome friend Jan (a crossfit ninja) recently posted this on her Facebook wall:

I howled with laughter when I saw it, but only because I actually have done this - the full on face plant while trying to hold a  &*($%#  plank for longer than 20 seconds.  Not cool. 

This led me to ponder the variety of funny ( now) and embarrassing moments I have had since embarking on my lifestyle change in January.  So I give you ( in no particular order) 

         Jacquelin's Healthy Lifestyle Most Embarrassing Moments (so far!):

*tripping over the tire when supposed to be moving gracefully over, in and out of it;

*tripping while running stairs with 20 bootcampers behind you;

*feeling the need to explain to the grocery cashier why you are buying every salad vegetable imaginable, Greek yogurt, and a giant bag of Lay's Potato Chips ( they are for my kids, no really they are!);

*buying a bra for running from the lovely guy at the running store ( ummm - so do you have anything bigger? - blush ! )

*sweating so much you actually leave butt marks on the floor when you get up from doing crunches (I even took pictures to prove it - no I am not posting them - as if!);

*forgetting your work shoes and having to wear your runners to an important meeting with a funder - classy, very classy;

*ummmm - how can I be delicate about this- I can't actually, so - "passing wind" while doing any type of ab work in a full class of very cute,  young enough to be my son, guys;

*forgetting your bra & underwear when you have an important presentation for the United Way right after your workout (thank you Dawn - the Bay does have a great selection of bras and they open at 9:30am!!!!);

*spandex. of. any. kind.

Well, there you have it - some of the most embarrassing moments in my journey so far.  Good news is, I survived.  I still work out, I still plank on my face a good part of the time, and I have given up being concerned about it.  I am doing a good thing for myself, and so a what's a little embarrassment between fitness buddies. ( And strangers.  And good looking guys young enough to be my son  younger brother  friend ;)  !!!!)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Workout Ninja in the house!

Surprise!  Don't fall over as you read this - I really am back blogging again - thanks to a few gentle reminders from some faithful friends/readers.  thank you for your patience during my lapse - I am sure you are all just DYING to hear the latest on my adventures in health and fitness! ( well, maybe not. . . )

Summer has flown by, in a whirl of, well, little exercise ,sunshine and margaritas in Mexico, and a whole lot of not so healthy food choices and some very lovely Okanagan wines!  Staying with my program has proven to be a tough challenge with all of the temptations of summer, but I am happy to report that despite my wandering off the healthy path through July and August, I managed to stay within a few pounds of where I started. No progress to report, but no major damage.  I am choosing to see that as progress - and I dare anyone to tell me something different! ;)

I actually have been pretty frustrated with my lack of progress, despite the fact that the fault lies directly with me and the choices I have made.  Annoyingly enough, the scale doesn't seem to move unless I actually eat healthy and get off my ass:

So, I am eating healthy, and back at the gym, ready to thrill you with exciting news from my workout world.  Let's start with how much it hurts to get back to working out when you have been a slacker!

PAIN - thighs, arms, back, shoulders, butt, abs ( didn't even realize I actually had those!).  Everything pretty much hurts.  Curiously, I am very happy about this!  It is great to use those muscles again, and to realize that I actually have muscles - who knew?  I think I actually have begun to (gasp) LIKE working out! Shocking I know, and I like to complain about working out even more than the actual working out part ( It makes me feel hardcore!) - but still - I actually like working out.  Very cool, people, very cool.

Cool thing number two - I kicked a 20 year old guy's ass at the gym yesterday! 
Let's just say, it made my day.  Actually it made my week.  Possibly my year.  
I know it is mean, but it felt so good to be able to not just keep up, but surpass a young guy half my age, who I am pretty sure was thinking, "Oh God, I got the fat suburban housewife as a workout partner!"  Pretty sure he won't be thinking that next time. :)
A pretty good start, or should I say restart.  Thanks for sticking with me, despite my occasional lapses- the next few months are starting to look very interesting, since it appears that I am becoming a workout ninja after all!
Oh, by the way - I'm planning a Lululemon takeover in the near future, but let's just keep that between us, at least for now. ;)