My Progress in Photos

JANUARY 1, 2012   273 lbs

FEBRUARY 17, 2012  258.6 lbs

MARCH 25, 2012  248 lbs  (25 pounds gone!)

MAY 14, 2012  230 lbs  (43 pounds gone)


Annet and Kirk said...

wowsers! Well done you! Your hard work is really showing itself.

Karen said...

Looking great! And you can really see the difference those 25lbs make. Love that you're smiling too. Enjoy your success :)

mow180 said...

So happy for you! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

You are doing so awesome Jacquelin! That is definitely a slimmer and happier looking woman in the March photos!

Unknown said...

I don't even know you, but I think you look fantastic! And I love that you are positively *beaming* in the latest photos - radiant!

lisa lisa said...

Hello Jacquelin!! OMGOSH you look fabulous!! Im@ BDHQ to. Im so addicted to this place its the only place I wanna be. I read your Bio and I totally relate im so tired of the roller coster I also LOVE FOOD. Got to change my life style. I have committed my mind and body to the April 1st biggest winner contest at BDHQ. You are very inspiring to us all. Thank you for sharing your photos and story.

Ronnie said... are looking amazing! Keep up the great work. It is a life change, and I have been up and down on the same rollercoaster. You are an inspiration to me in my weight loss endeavours!

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