Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good bye fast food, it's been nice to know you. . .

I admit it, I really like fast food.  Really, really like it.  It is a secret passion - embarrassing, yes, but oh so yummy!  That lovely combination of fat, highly refined carbs and sugar just does something to my brain chemistry.  I have, over the years, blamed my fast food habit on my lack of cooking skills, my hatred of grocery shopping, my busy life and the fact that I do a lot of outreach work in places like Tim Horton's and McDonald's.  ( although I am pretty sure I have not done 100 pounds worth of outreach work!!!)  Truth be told, however - it is really about filling up spaces that feel empty with the easiest available junk.

It's kind of insidious - for me there is a comfort in the familiar taste, and it requires nothing of me, unlike pesky problems or people in my life.  It makes me feel good, or better yet, feel nothing.  Eating to a state of numbness can be incredibly helpful when trying to avoid the above pesky problems and people in my life.  And what's not to love about the french fry?  Aside from the fact that it is loaded with salt and fat and the fact that it is made from an actual potato is sometimes questionable?

Giving up the fast food habit has been hard.  It's a crutch, one that I have used for a long while, so there are days when leaving it behind is really hard ( like drive by the drive through 5 times hard).  But so far, so good.  There is no doubt that I still think about every time I go by - it really is like an addiction - but now that I am filling up with love and family and self respect and music and joy and laughter, there is not a whole lotta room left over for crap.  Kinda amazing actually.  And I am even starting to really enjoy all the crunchy veggies and tasty protein and filling whole grains and fresh fruit.

 I feel healthy.  I feel happy.  I FEEL. Period.  And that tastes better than any french fry.

And if you haven't seen it yet - here is the video of all the winners of the BDHQ -Over contest - apparently I am the only one NOT excited, because I am just talking away about being fat and wanting to lose weight so I can be a better ball coach!


SusieJ said...

Wonderful news Jacquelin!
I'm rooting for you and can totally understand why it's hard.
I love cooking but I too have a weakness for fast food. :(
Sending big hugs and sparkles. xx
p.s. loved the video!!

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