Sunday, April 8, 2012

Waitin' on the groove train

Has anyone seen my groove?  Because I am pretty sure I have lost it.  Lately I have been floundering a bit, and my motivation, along with my groove appears to have disappeared. 
Since I reached my 25 pound milestone, I seem to be a bit of a slacker.  Life has been super busy, and apparently in my little weight loss world busy gives me sufficient excuse to start to ease off a bit on my workouts and begin to not be quite so tight with my food.  Hence the groove loss.Basically, I am a pretty lazy person - I have to work at getting my butt out of bed to go to workouts. And while I always feel amazing after I am done, I cannot honestly say that I leap out of bed every morning shouting "I get to work out today!"  More like "what the hell am I doing up this early wearing form fitting clothing in public??"  So losing my rhythm means its just that much harder to get myself to workouts.  And that is not good.

As for the eating, well, it is surprising simple to slip in bites of this and a taste of that, especially the things that are on my "avoid at all costs because I have no will power against any type of COBS bread" list.  They seem like small things, but they all add up to a slowed weight loss and a shrinking commitment to eat clean all day, everyday. 

Last Monday I started a new program at BDHQ called Biggest Winners.  It is a 12 week program that is group based and includes classes and coaching and nutrition support - another amazing opportunity.  I have to admit to finding it hard to shift gears into a group setting, but I am hoping it will help me refocus and recommit to the lifestyle I want and need to get healthy and stay that way! 

Maintaining this lifestyle transformation over the long haul is going to be tough, but frankly I am tougher.  I have to be. ( That's my story and I am sticking to it!)  I am going to be successful - groove or no groove.  But if you happen to find that groove of mine along YOUR way - please send it MY way - I need all the help I can get!


Karen said...

Perhaps your brain and your body are getting bored with your workout? I know what you mean about hitting that mark and then slacking. Last year, I got down to my lowest weight in years and then figured I had this thing in the bag. Stopped tracking food, fewer, easier workouts and then ... suddenly I'm back up to where I was before. Damn this "lifestyle change". Stay strong, my dear. We're here for you and in this for the long haul together!

Cindy said...

do you have a workout buddy at biggest winner? that trick where you make a date to meet someone so you don't jam out totally works for me to get me going when i don't feel like it...those 5:30am bootcamps are easy to blow off but when i know my buddy is waiting for me, i get my butt out of bed! we keep each other on track with our eating too...its awesome!

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