Saturday, March 31, 2012

One more reason

It's almost time.  Fastball time, that is.  I love this time of year, when I gear up to coach a wonderful group of girls that have been a part of my spring for the past seven years.

Being a coach for this group of U16 girls means a lot to me.  They are a huge reason why I wanted to get healthy and make this transformation. As a girl I played fastball, and it was an important part of my athletic life.  I loved the girls on my team, the crack of a bat, crouching behind home plate as a catcher.  It was my first experience as an athlete, and I loved how I felt when I played.

When my oldest daughter Hannah was 8, we enrolled her in fastball and I agreed to be an assistant coach. Somehow along the way I became "Coach J".  Seven years later, I am still coaching most of the same girls, with a few wonderful additions. Last year, coaching was tough - doing the things I needed to do as a coach were becoming increasingly difficult because of my size, and I realized that if I wanted to be a positive role model for this group of exceptional young women, I needed to make a plan to get healthy.

I want these girls to have fun as they play, make good friends and develop their individual skills as ball players.  I also want them to become good team players, fair minded competitors and to develop the confidence needed to take them forward into their adult lives.  Our team motto:  Have Fun, Do  Your Best, and Play Fair are important values that I want them to embrace.  It's pretty hard to be good role model for health and fitness as a lifetime pursuit when you are overweight and out of shape.

I really love this group of girls - they are fun, amazing and inspire me to do my best to help them grow.  I am excited this year that I can share some of what I am learning about health and fitness with them, and show them that change is possible - even for their rather rotund coach. They are one more reason for me to make these changes in my life - I want to be better for them, as well as for myself.

They should, however, be just a tiny bit afraid - I have learned from the best how to work my butt off, and they better be ready for some of the same!  No more slacking during runs - I may just be able to catch at least a few of them!

I can't wait for the season to begin - this year is sure to be our best ever.


BriannaW said...

I played softball as a kid and it was the one thing I always looked forward to every year, even with my weight being an issue. One of my goals last year was to join a slo pitch team and play again. It was a huge accomplishment for me. This year i'm playing again and super excited to get back out there. You should come play too if we ever need an extra girl..would you be up for that?

Jacquelin said...

Depending on my schedule - yes - that would be very cool!!

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