Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confessions from the Scale...part two....

I reached a milestone today, and I am so happy about it!  I have officially lost 25 pounds, and I am feeling pretty darn excited about it.  After a month of whining and complaining, the scale finally started to move. About bloody time, I say.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I opted not to eat a whole pile of crap, which I seriously used to to do.  Kinda crazy - lose some weight but celebrate by eating back the weight you just lost!!  So conditioned to celebrate everything with food.  I also used to use a weigh in as my excuse to spend the day overeating -  you know - weigh in, so then you have a whole week til your next weigh in, so it is totally OK to cheat on weigh in day - right?  Right?  I mean, I am gonna lose it over the week. . .  Or perhaps you have never done that.  I absolutely have, leading to a cycle of starvation and bingeing that is physically creating crazy insulin swings, and basically putting myself on an emotional food roller coaster.  You know the one - where you are up and then down, on your "diet", then off, exercising like mad, and then not at all.   I really hate roller coasters.  They scare me - I always feel too out of control - hmmmmm - out of control - maybe there really is a connection.  So no more roller coasters for me.  They make me barf. 

This time, I am celebrating with a new page on my blog called "My Progress in Photos".  This will serve as a visual journal of my progress ( or not, as the month may be!).  Here you get to check out my glamour shots month by month ( I'm too sexy for this blog, too sexy. . .).  They might not actually be glamorous, but frankly for a camera phobe like myself, its a pretty big deal to let it all hang out ( literally!) in a series of photos that everyone can see.  You can access the link by clicking here or by clicking on the sidebar link under "Pages".  Some months the changers might be big, other months, small - but all are just one step on the road to transformation. 

And that's a ride that is better than a roller coaster any day!


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