Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm Expecting!

No, don't get all crazy on me!  I am definitely not expecting a wee bundle of joy and sleep deprivation!

I am, however, expecting results, and soon:

Seriously - this is me.  Anyone who knows me well, or even not all that well, knows that patience is definitely not my groove.  I don't even like waiting for a bus, so the whole "you didn't gain it in a day, so don't expect to lose it in a day" thing isn't really working for me!  And the last few weeks of living in plateau land are, to be less than delicate, really pissing me off.

This is the part of the "weight loss journey" where  I typically:
  • get really frustrated (check)
  • feel like I am a failure (check)
  • start cheating here and there to completely sabotage myself  (halfcheck - oh, alright - check)
  • bitch about how impossible it is for me to lose weight ( that would be a double check friends)
  • give up entirely, gaining back anything I have lost plus an extra 10 pounds just for fun
You will notice I have not yet checked off the last one.  And I am not planning on it.

I read somewhere recently that weight loss is 80% what you eat, and 20% how you work out.  I think that is crap, actually.  I am learning that weight loss is really 100% mental - how you make your choices and follow through and stick with the program even when you GAINED a frigging half pound last week ( that was me I was talking about, in case you missed the emphasis!)

And it`s about being patient.  I really hate being patient.  I admit it - I want the Biggest Loser result - 5 or 6 pounds a week would be perfectly satisfactory to me, 10 would be ideal. ( And yes, I am obsessed with the Biggest Loser, but that is between me and my therapist)  It is amazing how quickly I can get discouraged, even when I really am seeing results, if I look at the big picture.  It is just hard. Blah.  Hard again.  There is a life lesson in here somewhere - I know it.  I just am not quite ready to embrace it.  But I am working on it.  And really, that is all I can ask of myself.

Oh yeah, and the not cheating thing would be really good, too.  Chicken and salad - I love you - no, really I do.  Really.  Mmmmm.  Can`t wait.  Sigh. 

Here is to a more patient (and accepting) tomorrow.     Filled with chicken and salad.   


SusieJ said...

I hate "plateau land" too - sooooo discouraging. But at least you're aware Jacquelin and you haven't given in. I's so proud of the progress you're making....YOU can do it!
Hugs xx

Miss_Kitty said...

Keep on Givin'Er Aunti!!!
-Last week you gained half a pound of muscle!!! Little by little you will replace the fat in your body with muscle that will burn more calories for you each day.
-The people on The Biggest Loser workout 5 hours a day and lose weight quickly but don't maintain it. You want to maintain right??
-Can you switch up your diet a little so you aren't getting bored? Little changes make big differences :)
LOVE YOU LOTS!!!! Keep going and remain consistent. Consistency will gain you the results you are after!!

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at the list of podcasts that I downloaded in iTunes and hadn't listened to yet. You might be interested in one of them - it is titled "All Month At the Gym & Still No Weight Loss". I haven't listened to it yet so can't comment on whether the info is helpful or not, but it might be worth a listen. It is from the company that Cathy had an article about in the Jan or Feb MMEW materials. Their podcasts on iTunes are called Dishing Up Nutrition and they are all free.

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