Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Run, Baby, Run

I am sick at home and feeling sorry for myself, which is probably NOT the best time to blog, but I have time and my computer so. . .

I am suffering from a case of half marathon blues.  Sadly, it is not because I ran the half marathon, which was my BHAG - big hairy audacious goal - but because I didn't.  Remember my bold announcement back in May?  Here is the link if you missed it:  Sticks and stones

Fresh off the glow of my 10k, the half seemed possible, easily within reach, actually.  It actually turned out to be the start of a B-I-G slide into injuries, poor eating and a ginormous pity party.  I hate when that happens.

Figuring out the long term strategies for staying with my workouts, runs and healthy eating is proving to be a rather large challenge.  Not insurmountable, but hard work.  Harder than I anticipated, perhaps that is why I have never gotten this far before.  Typically I give up after about 2 months - the longest was about 4 months, and God help me if I ever encounter any roadblocks - that is for sure a sign from the universe to give it all up.  As mentioned in previous posts - I am shockingly lazy at times, and always up for a good excuse. It's a talent I have.

I am nine months in and I still haven't given up.  That is a good thing.  I am finding ways to regroup, and pull myself out of the hole and keep going.  Apparently I AM learning how to do this, because that wouldn't have happened before.  I would have simply given up and ate myself up another 10 pounds.  Another good thing. ( I am starting to sound sound like Martha Stewart - but my good things are actually important!)

Sunday I ran (I use the term loosely - mostly a very S-L-O-W walk run thing that looks ridiculous but I actually don't give a crap) the 8km race instead of doing the half marathon.  I even got a medal:

I am proud of myself for doing the 8km - after all 8km is nothing to sneeze at and even though I was almost the last person in my age category, I still finished it.  I didn't just throw in the towel when I couldn't do the half.  And I am still working out with the amazing folks at BDHQ - I am getting stronger and healthier each day. 

This is the real transformation - not necessarily the one I was thinking about when I started this journey ( that was more like "I am going to look like Jillian Michaels - perhaps just a tad optimistic!).  I am so much more resilient, and able to bounce back, refocus and keep going.  Pretty good life skill, even if I have waited til I was 45  ( soon to be 46) to get it.

Yay me - those half marathon blues are not quite so blue, and I am rebuilding my confidence in my ability to carry through and actually change my SELF, not just my weight.

Oh and by the way - I signed up for the Victoria Goddess Run Half Marathon in June 2013.  Sounds like the perfect half marathon for me! ;)


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