Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I missed you, workout. . .

I missed a workout this morning.  I had a 5:45am rise and shine, get my ass kicked workout with Wendy this morning and I slept in.  Not a little sleep in either - a big, oh crap now I am really behind kinda sleep in!

Why should you care, I know you are asking?  All will be revealed - I promise.  But first let me explain that in the past I was the Queen of All Excuses when I was supposed to be working out.  In fact, I have a handy list right here of why I simply CANNOT make a workout today:

I am too tired
I forgot my shoes
I don't have the right bra.
My back hurts.
My knees hurt.
I couldn't get a sitter.
My sitter was sick.
My kids are sick.
I 'm sick.
My cat is sick.
The betafish is sick.
My second cousin twice removed is sick.
I have a meeting.
Mark has a meeting .
The kids have ____________ (insert one of many activities here - band, piano, fastball, playdate. . . )
I am too sore from working out yesterday.
It's too cold, hot,wet, dry, windy, humid, rainy, or snowy.
I don't want to miss American Idol.
The Biggest Loser is on and I can't wait to see Bob's last chance workout this week.
Did I mention I am too tired?

And, oh yeah - I slept in.

Funny thing is, this time when I missed my workout - I actually MISSED my workout!  As in, I really was disappointed that I slept in and missed out on the opportunity to sweat it out and work my not so firm butt off.  That, my friends, is a first.  Because usually when I miss out on anything remotely related to exercise, disappointed is not the feeling that jumps to mind.  More like - "Thank God I dodged that bullet".  So it really is amazing to me that I have actually made exercise so much a part of my life that I actually miss it when I don't do it! HA!  Strange but true fact from the weightloss war!

So, since I missed my workout this morning I felt compelled to join Bob from the Biggest Loser in a 60 minute worlout video when I got home from work. So thanks a lot Bob, but let's face  it - you are no Wendy from BDHQ!

Tomorrow I will be  setting two alarms!  See you at 7am!


Cindy said...

nice! now you know you've made exercise a habit when you miss it! keep up the great work...

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